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There comes a time in our life when something happens and you think to yourself – this is a sign. This happened for me last weekend when I met a young lady from my past who had just returned form the very same trip I am about to embark on – 9 months travelling around the world.

Some call it law of attraction, some might call it fate – others might call it coincidence, but one things is for sure, when these moments happen in your life you get a sense of being involved in something much greater than the mundane routine of your day to day life.

I learnt more, and was inspired more in 2 hours speaking with this person than I have been in months, my heart jumped, my breath shortened I felt a buzz inside that I haven’t  felt for months and I just knew that this is what I need to do, that every decision I’ve made up until now in my life got me to this point, and that there has never been a more perfect time to embark on a journey like the one I am about to take. And this excites me.

People come and go in your life for various reasons, you’re never quite sure why some stay and some go, why some never come back and others come back in the most unlikely of locations at the most unlikely of times. But when you are aware of these comings and goings and you look at them objectively you usually smile and nod or smile and shake your head.. and I think this is the beautiful thing about life.