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I wrote this post a while ago, but I didn’t publish it, I re-read it and thought it was quite funny in retrospect so have decided to share it with you!

So I’ve been officially unemployed for around 8 hours now and all day I have been at a loose end. After having my first decent sleep-in that wasn’t after a big night on a weekend in as long as I can remember I got up, had breakfast, had a shower, did a load of washing and then sat down and thought to myself – shit… now what do I do? So here’s what I did on my first week of “holidays” (unemployment).

10 Things to cure boredom

1. Clean the fridge – its not every day you have time to investigate all the items in your fridge, and today I found out why this is probably more important than I thought, if the salsa from 2009 wasn’t enough there were a selection of sauces that all expired over the last 5 years, and safe to say the glass shelves had seen brighter days – my fridge now looks like new and my veggies have a nice house to live in.

2. Clean your washing machine – your hard working washing machine tirelessly provides you with clean clothes all week – but I rarely stop to give the poor thing the love an attention it needs as a thanks for its years of reliable service. So the washing machine got the once over next.

3. Watch ants – As I sat outside with my cup of tea, I watched the ants under my feet crawl at the speed of light on the hunt for food and insulation to keep their nest warm over the winter. You’ll be surprised how entertaining these little guys can be.

4. Fix your 90 year old neighbour’s TV – My neighbour Athalie was distraught when she realized one of her favourite channels was no longer showing on her TV, she’d called the TV company and the station but no one seemed to be able to tell how how to press “tune all channels” on the menu so that her TV would re-scan then new frequencies for her, so we did it together complete with instructions on how to do it again next time.

5. Call your mum – and tell her that your bored, so she tells you its OK and that you’ll get over it soon when you start focusing on your impending round the world trip!

6. Meditate – I did this everywhere, trying to find “clarity” at the beach, in the back yard, on the couch, I just sat and stared and watched people looking at me weirdly  Actually no one did, they didn’t care. People are weird like that, too busy worrying about themselves to notice other people taking to seagulls.

7. Visit your grandma – I recently lost one of my grannies and it was sad that I didn’t get to see her for a while before she died. Not because I couldn’t but just because life seems to go so fast and the days zip by. Not when you’re unemployed, the days take forever, so I went and visited my other Nan. We spent a good hour together, its really gives you a sense of belonging talking to grand parents, after all they’re the reason we’re all here. Nan has Alzheimer’s now so we talked about her garden, a few times, and how several of her plants had ‘self sown’ themselves, because they never used to be there.

8. Visit your granddad – Easier said than done when he has more of  a social life than Lindsay Lohan. Still working on taking the old boy out for lunch.

9. Drink lots of tea – its seems to put my mind at rest when i drink tea, like I’m contemplating something or sorting out life’s problems. But really I’m just drinking tea.

That pretty much sums up my first week of unemployment – on the to-do list next are start making music and plan my trip, two of the most important things to me moving forward, as that’s what this sea change is all about!

10. Make yourself a website & Write a blog post about what to do when you’re bored…