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One thing I wanted to do before I left was clear out all my unnecessary belongings – most of which are in my back shed just sitting there taking up space.

Considering all I am taking overseas for the next 6 months, possibly longer is a 40L bag – which is to become my entire life for the immediate future, I instantly started reassessing the mountains of shoes, clothes, electronics and furniture in my house – most of which is unused.

So, I decided I would donate, throw out  sell what I could to unclutter my life and free up some travel cash!

Things I can remove from my life:

  • 2 x couches
  • 1 x Exercise bike
  • 1 x Fridge
  • 2 x Bar Fridge
  • 2 x Mirrors
  • 1 x Chest of drawers
  • 1 x Subaru WRX
  • 2 x TVs
  • 1 x Printer
  • 1 x coffee table
  • 1 x Skip bin full of renovation leftovers & garden prunings.
  • Lots of clothes & shoes

Most of this stuff is just sitting in my back shed – ready to be taken by whoever wants it, I’ll update you on how the clean out goes as it happens! I’m going to donate some to the homeless charity I am on the board of, sell some on Gumtree and will probably end up giving a lot of it away.

Turns out it’s harder getting rid of crap than I thought – so if you want anything, shoot me an email!