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Journey So Far

This page is dedicated to my journey so far, what I have done up until today – to achieve my goal of becoming an electronic music producer.

It all started with coffee with a friend – “I really want to see if I’m any good at making music” to which she replied “why don’t you give it a shot?”. The next day I enrolled in a Certificate 3 of Electronic Music Production at the SAE Institute in Adelaide and was the oldest student by far (about 10 years) but I was ok with that – my gut told me so.


  • January 2011 – Looked into how to become an electronic music producer. Researched a bunch of production software and got overwhelmed. Did nothing for a year.


  • January 2012 – Coffee with a friend and made a deal that I would sign up for a course in electronic music production if she started writing (I think she’s still trying to get started).
  • March 2012 – Enrolled in Certificate III in Music – Electronic Music Production
  • April 2012 – Started EMP Course with lecturer Wol (@lunabass)
  • June 2012 – Boys trip to Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival – bumped into Avicii on the street and Steve Aoki in a casino & didn’t have a camera! DOH.  Also had one of the best nights of my life at XS with Afrojack, Diplo and Skrillex all playing on the same night.
  • July 2012 – Decided to quit my job of 12 years to pursue travel and music – Scheduled for June 2013 (Turns out it’s not that easy just to up and leave a business you started 12 years ago!)
  • October 2012 – Graduated EMP Course after doing life performance in front of class and creating a “demo”.
  • December 2012 – Made my First “track” it’s a bit rough, but its the first song I ever made that I actually finished and was reasonably happy with!


  • April 2013 – Left DBG to plan trip and focus on music.
  • June 2013 – Bought my first pair of production headphones, for making music on the go while travelling – my new AIAIAI TMA-1’s!
  • June 2013 – Met with Wol to get feedback on my 2nd track – woo!
  • June 2013 – went live!
  • July 2013 – Left with my laptop and headphones to travel Europe & make music
  • July 2013 – Finding it hard to make time to make music with all the travelling!


I hope to create this into a pretty info graphic one day, but for now it’s just a nice concise list – keep coming back to this page to see my milestones as I pass them!